In the early 1950's, John M. Allen Sr. became the pharmacy manager for the newest branch of "Breeding Drugstore" in South Miami on the corner of Bird Road and Red Road. On February 1, 1954, Mr. Allen bought the store with a promise and a handshake. He renamed the store Allen's Drugstore and set on to build one of the greatest success stories in South Florida business history. 

   He faithfully manned the counter for 28 years until his passing in 1982. Two years later a company called My Pharmacy bought the store from the Allen family and brought in a young pharmacist, Al Collazo.

   While Allen's has evolved into a major player in the medical supply business, it has managed to maintain the "old times flavor" of the 50's. Collazo and his staff hold it as their goal to continue Mr. Allen's dream.

   Also in the 1950's, two other pharmacists, Emory Brandenburg and Dick Burman started a local pharmacy in Homestead called Royal Palm Drug. 

     Our mission is to provide quality patient care to improve the lives of our valued customers. Our associates strive to provide excellent service so that we can help our customers live happier, healthier lives.

    Al Collazo B.Pharm

Jason Smith Pharm.D

How it all began:

Our Mission Statement:

  This typical small town pharmacy had a prescription counter and a soda fountain which would later on become a full restaurant. At the time, Homestead only had around 5,000 residents, with everyone knowing each other. If a person did not have enough money for their prescription, they would pick it up and return later to pay. 

   As the pharmacy got busier, another pharmacist by the name of John Polk joined the team. In 1986, My pharmacy entered the picture, as Bert Smith bought the Homestead store after Brandenburg retired. Polk continued to work at the store until 2003.

   Smith had grown up in Homestead, his parents had shopped at Royal Palm, and he saw this buy as a homecoming. He felt as if he was buying a piece of his history. To this day, Royal Palm maintains the hometown flavor it has always had. 

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